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Take the PLEDGE with VUOTS to Educate low income residents of Philadelphia Pa. Your PLEDGE means that you understand the need, realize and contribute to the change, of educational resources and services provided to residents of Philadelphia Pa.

In taking the PLEDGE we will look for your support on a monthly basis, and all we ask for is a  minimum monetary PLEDGE of $5 each month, The tutoring and educational programs we offer and events each year will service many residents of Philadelphia. Events such as, VUOTS MLK Day of Service, and our Free seasonal tutoring to adults and youth, VUOTS's also offers a free or low cost Summer Enrichment Program, free Entrepreneur Summit and Back to School giveaway.  Just as we create and participate in new and needed programs, and initiatives the promote positive change for low income Philadelphia PA residents 

 Pledgers will have exclusive access to events, programs, and news, but more–importantly knowing that their dedicated support provides a low income resident of Philadelphia PA the opportunity to receive quality educational service and resources.

Below are two ways to begin your pledge.  You can choose to pledge $5 a month or any higher amount of your choice.  Once you make this pledge we ask that you continue to pledge a minimum amount of $5. 

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