Victoria Urban Outreach Tutoring Service 


Victoria Best -Founder, President



 - Vice President

Angel Crowder- Secretary

Antoine Sydney - Treasure 

Antoine Sydney Jr.


Antoine Sydney was born and raised in Philadelphia PA. He graduated from Germantown High School. From there he went on to complete his, C.A.J Carpenter’s Joint Appernticeship certification program. Making him a Master Carpenter of the metropolan district. Antoine is a proud Father and Community member. In addition to being a Master Carpenter he is now a board member of V.O.U.T.S. and is here to support Philadelphia communities with their educational goals.

Angel Crowder


Angel S. Crowder is the founder of Virtual Support Services, an administrative support firm that supports small businesses and entrepreneurial dreams.  Angel is an experienced human resource professional and serial entrepreneur. Driven by empowering others, she takes pride in providing the best advice and direction to support your personal and professional goals.  As a small business owner, her goal is to ensure that entrepreneurs have the best experience to get their ideas off the ground and allow for small business owners to focus on their business, while she handles all the back-office processes.  Angel’s passion for supporting others can be tracked all the way back to her first job as a kid at the College Settlement Camps of Philadelphia. This is where she got her start in making dreams come true for children and affording them the best and memorable experiences of a lifetime. Working with the youth and her own personal experiences drove her to study psychology. The psychology of people and processes intrigued her so, that she found the perfect balance in Human Resources.  As an HR professional, Angel has worked in banking, telecommunications and healthcare. Each opportunity has allowed her to meet, support and empower a diverse population.  Angel is best known for inspiring others to follow their dreams and giving them a guide to get there. 

Victoria Best 


 Victoria Best is committed to improving services for children, youth and adults in Philadelphia PA.  With 15 years of experience working with children, youth and adults providing educational support and behavioral health services, Victoria is committed to uplifting communities through Literacy, Math and Technology.  Her experience as a residential supervisor at St Mary's Vila for Children & Families, later named The Vila, increased her knowledge in leadership and administration.  Now Victoria, has the role of CEO and President of VTS  "Victoria's Tutoring Service LLC" & VUOTS "Victoria Urban Outreach Tutoring Service".  She is responsible for the strategic planning and overall operations of VTS & VUOTS.  Prior to being a residential supervisor, Victoria worked as Guadenzia's West Chester facility for Women & Children  intake after care Coordinator.  She brings extensive knowledge of quality educational practices and procedures, performance-based contracting, and understanding of organizational and strategic planning, policy development, implementation of internal and external systems.  Victoria received a double Masters degree in, Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, from Lincoln University and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Temple University.  She has also acquired program credits in Literacy and organizational development & leadership on the master's level.  Not to mention her focus in special education during her undergrad studies at Temple University.  Victoria is and always will be an advocate for education.  Her mission is to support individuals reach their educational potential.  


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