Victoria Urban Outreach Tutoring Service 

About Us

VUOTS provides educational support to Philadelphia PA residents, through programs, events, and tutoring. We honor MLK day of Service with Global Citizen 365 annually. We provide adult and youth tutoring support seasonally. In addition to our seasonal adult learning programs and summer enrichment program. VUOTS has been servicing Philadelphia PA residents since 2018. We are a nonprofit organization. We accept donations, sponsorship and seek volunteers to help us provide educational services to Philadelphians. 

Our Mission 

Our mission as a nonprofit organization is to provide premium educational services to all Philadelphia PA residents. Yet we are not limited to services, we strive to provide tools, (books, school supplies, and technology). VUOTS believes that if Philadelphians are equipped with educational supports systems in place, they can increase their fundamental knowledge and skills. Which will support our economy, and our city's growth within our communities.   


Meet the Board 

Victoria Best


My desire to work with individuals in and around my community originated when I decided to become an educator. Yet, my compassion, humility and understanding came from being in the Philadelphia PA FosterCare System. In addition, from being a single teen mother and having to work and go to school with little support.   After attending Temple University, and receiving my B.S. Ed.  I then, went on to receive two M.Ed's.  One in Early Childhood and another in Elementary Education from "Lincoln University".  Not to mention, the many courses I have completed on the Masters level in Educational Leadership and Literacy.  I have had the opportunity to work for the Philadelphia PA school district.  Plus I have been employed by residential, mental health and drug/alcohol facilities located in Philadelphia PA and surrounding counties. Meanwhile embracing opportunities to share my story with others through trauma informed trainings and public forum.  I am a life-long learner, and educator.  I created VUOTS in 2016 and established VUOTS as a nonprofit organization in 2018 to provide individuals in the Philadelphia PA area with free to low income educational services.



Victoria Best MEd

Quintice Teagle 

Vice President

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Angel Crowder

Antoine Stdney Jr


The Journey

An Idea Is Born

Victoria decided she was going to give back to the community, and since she was already offering tutoring Services to Philadelphia PA residents through her for profit business VTS "Victoria's Tutoring Service".  She felt compelled to seek support from those in her local community to make her idea a reality.  After she met with State Representative Stephen Kinsey, Business Owner Debra Gary and Community Representative Anthony Sydney Sr.  She felt what the community and the city as a whole needed was more free educational services.  She then created a local not for profit organization (VUOTS) for low income residents.  It would become part of her mission to provide low income and free educational services to individual in her city! 

Getting Started

VUOTS started as just a grassroots not for profit organization.  Where Victoria would take her own, money, time and resources to support those within her community when she wasn't being a mother of two sons, and a for profit business owner.  

Our First Program 

Victoria has always love working with today's youth.   So after collaborating with Debra Gary for a venue, the Archdiocese Of Philadelphia Food program, and her own resources.  She was able to create VUOTS Summer Enrichment Program.  

Our First Donation 

Victoria, was so eager to provide educational services to Philadelphia PA residents, She didn't realize how much it would take to finically fund these great ideas.  So she took a step out on faith. and asked Dr Kennard Herring of "Nostalgic Eye Care", if he was willing to donate his space and book bags to VUOTS for our first "Back to School Supplies Party".  When he said yes, Victoria knew that there was others who believed in her vision.  Now as a 501c(3) VUOTS Back to school event is annual.  

VUOTS is still a grassroots organization, however VUOTS has been able to plant some seeds.  In the Philadelphia PA area and continues to want to change lives through education.